IMG_1891Raining here in Hollywood, California and the sky is amazing as I look out the window. I am getting excited. My heart is pounding as I think about where I will be in a week or two. My life is about to change and I’m going on a journey of a lifetime. How does a city girl leave the city and live of the grid in an RV? This snow leopard is going to leave everything and just do it.

63 years I have been living only in cities with lots of cars, buildings and restaurants as it has become my way of life. How do you take the city out of the girl? Is it possible to live in a home on wheels? Me in a camper on the road and trying to stay in the moment of this adventure and not freak out.

I’m heading out to Phoenix Arizona to look for a camper as a friend is going to help me pick out one that I will be able to drive. I want to yell and scream “ Can I do this? Yes, I’m afraid but need to do this for me. I know it’s the right thing for me at this time and if I don’t do it now then when. I’m 63 years young and my soul is yelling back at me “Yes you can do this”. My gut feeling is excited and fearful at the same time.

Yesterday, I looked at a 1985 RV and was going to buy it but my senses over took me. I decide to wait till I get to Phoenix and let my friend help me make the right choices. Have to make sure that I don’t buy a lemon and have it breaking down on me when I’m out on the grid in the wilderness. The old me would have bought it without thinking but I will have to rely on myself out there. I can’t give in to impulse buying. It helped when I called my friend and said should I get this? I sent him photos and the ad from Craigslist and he said, NO do not buy this.. It’s to old … OK I said as I listen to him because he knows a lot about RV’s and such. I don’t know anything about buying a RV and knew deep down this was not the right one for me.

I have been doing so much research on getting out there on the grid and campsites. It is a huge learning curve for such a city imp. Learning about solar panels and gray water and so much that it’s keeping me up at night. I’m open for what is coming and going to be filming and posting on everything from buy the RV to going out on the grid.

What is going out on the grid mean? You have to bring all your food, water and make sure that you have a generator or solar panels so you can charge your phones or use your computers. So it’s a hell of a lot things to think about. You have to fill up the RV with gas, water, and food and make sure that you have enough to last you. Did you empty the toilet and do you have fresh water to cook and bath with? Geez to much to do before you even go out on the grid.

What is more scary is snakes, spiders and bugs let alone bears and mountain lions, “Oh My”. I can’t go to a local park in the city and not worry about rattle snakes, bees and let alone big huge tarantulas. Wait this is as city park, see what I mean.

Can you take the city out of the girl? I don’t know but I’m willing to try and the first thing after I do after I buy a camper is buy a dog. Yes, the woman that does not do commitments so going to get a dog. I can’t get a big dog as it will take up to space in the RV and a small dog is out of the questions. I medium size one with a big bark will have to do. My daughter keeps telling me to take her cat Milo and I look at her like she is crazy. I want a dog and gun then I might feel safe. First of all I will have to learn how to shoot a gun and that is an adventure of it’s own.

Who knows I might like living in a home on wheels and owning a dog and being out in nature. Hmmm what about electric storms or floods or lions and tigers OH My. See how my minds work. I hope that you all are going to enjoy this transformation of city girl becomes off the grid girl. May be I will get lucky and find love or at least a one stand here or there. You know how I am about commitments. Hope he will have all his teeth. Who knows but I’m open to seeing where this is going to take me. Stay tune for more fun in this wacky world of a Snow Leopard and how she rolls. She will really be rolling on 4 wheels on the open road stopping at truck stops and out of the reach places that no woman should be going with the song “Will I Survive playing in the background.

Here are some photos of the RV that I almost bought.


IMG_1878 (1)








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