me3Hi… I’m Mel! Follow my wacky journey from being a city girl to living full time in an RV six months out of the year. More and More people are getting out on the road both young and old. Leaving their life in the city and going off the grid. Everyone that I have talked to about getting out on road look at me and say I wish I could do this.

Who will I meet as you travel along with me through my videos and see what I see. Where will this take me and what kind of people will meet. Can you take the city out of the Girl? Follow me as I the city girl go out on this journey of possibilities. 50 and 60 is the new 40’s and going out to dance more and sing more and maybe fall in love with who? Hmm My Self … Yes I’m about to change my life forever. So keep coming back and see where i will be next. Funny maybe the show should be called Where’s Mel? This Sexy hot 63 year Snow Leopard is going to AZ and buy an RV and travel and get to know the world and herself.

Grey Hair Lady is a place where people of all ages can go to watch some interesting points of view. 50 is the new 40 of this generations as baby boomers are aging and not looking or acting like our parents did. This is a place where you can watch live and recorded shows about staying positive about aging. We are forever evolving into a healthier group of people that are still active in their late 80’s and 90’s. Looking back at what we have seen in the 50 to this day and age and the stories we have to tell. This is our story of a generation that changed the world. Some will say that we might not have changed it for the better but we fought hard to make a difference. This site is a place to tell your story about what we have seen and what we have done.

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