Welcome to the Pepaj farm. I spent a week over the summer on the farm in Lancaster. I tried my best acting and looking like a farmer. Boy, do I have stories to tell. Waking up early was easy because the house pets would all jump on me as I slept on the Pepaj’s huge couch, licking my face. My brother in law and his family went on vacation and I came and feed the animals and what an amazing journey.

I start at 7 AM with feeding the 3 goats, 4 pigs, a boatload of chicken, 5 dogs including Ki and 4 cats.

At first, I was fearful and as the days went by I grew to really enjoy feeding the farm animals. So now I’m a farmer LOL for only one more day. I won’t lie to you all it was not easy but I learned how to overcome fear. My Pepaj family has been amazing to me and this was my way of giving back to them for their kindness.


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