Lobsters…A friend sent me this. Thought it was an interestin…

Lobsters…A friend sent me this. Thought it was an interesting twist of viewing/dealing with stress!

Posted by Pat Divilly on Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Amazing .. It came at time where I need it … The pressure of redoing the RV and working on it day and night has made me exhausted and created self doubt. So yesterday, I got this huge headache and after I finished sanding the cabinets doors I went to sleep.
I never take afternoon naps but really I need it. It made me stop and think why am I not staying in the moment? Why is my mind working over time and what is the rush. My dear, dear friend Gift was so supported yesterday when I had a melt down. She has seen me on go through this wild roller-coaster ride.

Fear and money are playing a huge negative impact in my acting out yesterday. So, I took Gift’s advice and went to bed.
Guess the outer shell was getting to much and I had to just let it go. Staying in the moment is not an easy process and it’s quite a journey of finding one’s self. Yourself is always with you no matter where you go as you can’t hide from yourself.
I use to wish for more time in the day but now I wish for more time to be quiet and at peace in a day. I have been so busy with painting removing carpet and forgot to breath.

Another day and another time as we all shed our shell. It is the constant shedding that brings us to oneness with our-selfs.
Love this video

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