Today was a day that I was looking forward to but yet cause my stomach to turn and flip. The day that I would find out if my generator and A/C was working or not. I have put this off as I was afraid that both would have to be replaced. I called around to different RV Repair and one woman was snippy on the phone and left a bad taste in my mouth. The other guy took for ever to return my phone calls and I was tired of waiting on him. I went on Yelp and Yellow Pages and looked at the reviews and found 4 Points RV Service LLC and booked an appointment with Juan the owner. He also was charging me less for the service call then the others.

P2016-03-30 13.09.05lease remember that inside my head I was thinking “Oh NO, It’s going to cost me an arm and leg to get these fixed. I waited out in my RV that torn apart from working on the interior and tried to stay positive. They pulled in their big truck with their logo all over the sides of the truck. Painted in bright red 4 POINTS RV SERVICES LLC. Liked the LLC as it made me smile but being on a tight budget to get the RV in great running order my smile left as I knew that the day might not end the way I wish it to be.

Juan the owner introduced himself to me and to the other guy working with him also Juan. Yes two Juan’s in one truck, who knew. LOL. They worked for about two hours on the generator and A/c and brought two batteries for my generator. I asked newbie questions and Juan number 1 was very kind as he explained things to me. He got the generator started up and at first thought that there might be a leak in it but after he worked on it found that there was not problems with the generator. Yes, Yes I was yelling inside my head, Yes.

T2016-03-30 12.59.31hey both worked on the A/C and tested it and found that the A/C was working good. They made sure that it was running perfect and that the compressor was working. So all that fear that I had about the generator and the A/C was useless and I had nothing to fear. They were honest men and treated me with such kindness and did not charge me like I said an arm and leg. So with my arms and legs still attached I booked them to come back to put in my new car radio with bluetooth, USB and CD player. Also they are going to hook up my back up mirror so when I’m backing up I don’t kill someone or hit a car behind me.

Today I’m a happy camper and plus they said that engine sounded good. That’s my next thing to do is get a tune up and to have the brakes checked. So at the end of it all I gave Juan # 1 a kiss on his cheek and paid my bill.

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