I got a car and bought the tow bar and all the hookups and ready to do my first tow. I would suggest if you see me run as this is going to be crazy. Kind of scared that I can’t do this but I know it’s a learning curve.

My daughter Babette bought me glass marker to help me out with towing the car behind my RV.  We put this on the back window of the car when we’re towing it and yes it looks stupid but now the cars and trucks don’t honk at me for going so slow.

I was really driving slow especially up the mountains and huge curves. Even huge semi trucks were passing me. So if you see me pass me up or expect to be delayed.

Now I don’t have to pack up the RV when I want to see the sites or go shopping at Walmark for supplies as it has made my life better and it’s fun to drive. Had to learn how to drive a stick again but it was like riding a bike.

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