Well, it’s time for two women and a dog to travel across the country again in a 1986 old RV.

Join us on this wacky ride from the bitter cold snow life back to the sunny warmth of the desert. Going from St Clair Shores,MI to Quartzsite AZ and hope to get there by News Year Eve. Can we make it.

Will Nomad the RV make it without breaking down? Will we get out of Michigan before it snows again? Is there a chance we will make it past Nashville before the very dangerous black ice? We have two days without snow or rain. It’s a small window and we are crossing our fingers that we can do it.

We have flannel PJ’s warm socks, a heater,lots of water, food and most of all Ki the puppy.

Babette is flying in on Monday night from Los Angeles to Detroit. Tuesday at the break of dawn we set off on another adventure of Two women a dog and an RV.

The journey was amazing as we drove to Kingman in 5 days in time to head off to Vegas with Babette’s husband and mother-in-law for New Years. We slept only one night in a hotel and the rest in Nomad the RV. We drove for 12 hours straight a few days to make sure the we got to Kingman on time. Yes we did make it without any problems with the RV. Here a couple of photos on our way. We did not stop and do any sight seeing as we had a deadline.

Stay tune for more on my new adventure with Ki and Nomad as we travel round the country.

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