Love this quote from Albert Einstein. I tend to think that everything is a miracle. If I was to trace my life and someone was to look at what I would experience in my lifetime. They would say that I would have never survived to the age that I am.

I feel that there are miracles that have brought me to the place where I am today and I have been blessed with so much love from friends and family.

There were times I wanted to give up and couldn’t understand why bad things could happen to me. But through it all I grew spiritually and emotionally into a positive person that believes in love and compassion. Each day I would say to myself just show up one more day it will be OK. This was a mantra that I taught myself and it was not easy to do. Reason for everything or experiences make us who we are and her daily life in our every day life

I believe in miracles and I believe sometimes we have our problems and the roads to cross because there is a reason for everything. Our experiences make us who we are in our every day life.

We make choices in our life and how we wish to live it and I choose to believe in miracles and love and compassion. It’s not easy to push past some of the tragic things in our life and the pain and look beyond it.

Each day I feel that it is a miracle but I am even alive. At times I have picked the hard road and did not listen to others and did it my way. I paid a heavy price for it but in the end that fork in the road always took me to the same place. That place is peace and harmony within myself.

Walk in peace, love and joy my dear friends.. Live your life to the maximum and enjoy what the universe has to offer you. Do not dwell on the past or think about the things you do not have but think about the things you do have. Be grateful for your love ones and your ability to see the sun every day and to breathe the air. Look at everything from a positive state of mind. No matter how hard it is remember that this will soon pass and you’ll find some peace.

Do not focus on fear and the have not. Focus on your connection to each other in a positive vain. Focus on developing relationship with yourself and others and seeing your self worth. It is not money nor fame that makes you worth while. It is the small things, the gentle things that you do for yourself and others that matter. It is the love and compassion that you give yourself. Your unconditional self love.

Love Mel

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