A little change of pace here with some drawings and words. Many of you don’t know is I’m also an artist. I do like to draw nude bodies because the human form is beautiful. One of the reason for traveling in my RV is to give me time to get in touch with the creative side of soul. I create with the art forms of drawing, photography,video and the written word. Let The Soul Out and Play is a combination of all three forms of art.

The written word are words that I live by everyday as my life journey has taught me many life lessons. By creating art it give me the ability to share with others. If it touches one person heart and soul and stops to make them enjoy life a little more that is all that matters to me. My art work is like creating a positive zone where one can just be in this world and stay in the moment of life.

One would say that I have made all the mistakes that many have not. I say, I have traveled a life of lessons that has gotten me this place today. Mistakes are just opportunities to learn and grow from. I welcome more lessons into my life as I found that when you’re open to life they are bound to show up.

Walk in peace, love and joy.


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