Thinking back, I would have spent more time laughing and less time crying. More time being outside and enjoy each moment and without looking in the past or the future. I would have been fearless and just enjoy life more without the self negative thoughts that I was not thin enough or pretty enough.
I would have learned to stay in the moment sooner and just enjoy each moment. I would have used my voice more and not allow anyone to take that away. I would have walked in the nude without shame and be proud of my body. I would have wore less make-up and felt the sun on my face.
I would have allowed more love into my life and be fearless of a broken heart. I would have learned to sit quiet with my thoughts as it healed my heart, body and soul. Thinking back, I would have discovered the beauty in me sooner.
Reflecting back now I think to myself, I would have not changed my self-discovering path that I have taken because I have found me and it’s never to late to discover yourself. I like the gentle, kind woman I have become.
At 63 I still have so much to discover and I sit here and smile as I think about how much more I will learn. Live your life like there is not tomorrow and think out of the box. You never know where it take you and who you will meet on this path of self enlightenment. Find the peace, love and joy in you.


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