If you’re short on time and just need to get the best product on the market to keep your dog safe… check out Halo Dog LED Dog Collars.

If you’ve been following our journey, then you know I’ve been driving around the country in my RV with my dog. I love being in the open road and I prefer to boondock our campsite. But at night it’s very dark. There are no streetlights or city lights to guide you and keep you safe. So when I have to walk my dog in the evening, it can get pretty scary. Add the threat of coyotes and snakes and walking your dog at night can be frightening.

I was looking for a quick way to light up my dog, shine some light on our walk and allow us to be seen by any cars we might come across. Then I came across Halo Dog – an LED dog collar in four really pretty colors: Sky Blue, Ruby Red, Shamrock Green and my favorite Watermelon Pink.  I went with the Sky Blue… but I am tempted to get the Watermelon Pink next.

What I love about is collar is that it’s so easy to customize and fit Ki just right. You literally put it around your dog’s neck and decide how much of the tube to cut off. Then you stuff the open side of the tube back into the base and turn it on. No batteries! You just recharge with a USB cord (which they provide). They are also lightweight and durable. I was recently at a party and Ki had his Halo Dog on… not only did it stay on as he played, but when the other dog was chewing on his collar, the Halo Dog didn’t break.

Keeping Ki safe is my one priority in my life besides food and gas for my RV. He is my co-pilot and companion and if I lost him… well, I can’t even think about that. His collar is so bright that I can spot in the dark instantly. I always thought that if he got out at night, I’d be paralyzed not knowing which direction he went in. Plus, at night… it’s hard to tell in places like Quartzite if he’s a coyote or not.  I wouldn’t want a fellow camper to get spooked and hurt him or chase him away. The couple of times he has gotten out, neighbors were able to tell me where he went by seeing his blue streak from his collar. Halodog has given me relief that I can see him at night and lets me see the path we’re on since the blue glow lights up our path. It’s really awesome.

Some other advice I have is:

  • * Make sure you walk with your dog around the perimeter so they know the lay of the land
  • * Never walk your dog in bushes at night (snakes can hide)
  • * Never have your dog off leash – even if others are doing it. If you are new to the area, you just don’t know if other creatures are going to chase your dog.
  • * Don’t trust that your dog will behave in a new environment. Yes, you may have always had your dog off leash at home in the city… but out in the desert or mountains, you just don’t know what you don’t know.


Back to the collar and why I’m so thrilled to even write this post — when I contacted the company to let them know how much I loved their LED dog collars… they thought Ki was so cute, they asked him to be the official model for the Sky Blue. Holy Cow… really? Sweet!!! And of course, I said hell yeah! (Thanks Halo Dog!)

If you want a cost-effective and easy to maintain solution for your dog while you’re camping, hiking and rv’ing, check out HALO Dog LED dog collar they sell, they donate $1 to an animal charity that inspires them. So basically, go buy one and feel good about your purchase!

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