tenwaystoknowblackbackground copy1. When people call you a cougar it’s like nails on a chalk board and your hair stands straight up on ends. Because you know that a Snow Leopard lives longer then a cougar and their coat is much more beautiful and cost more. Plus they are their own species and don’t share any DNA with any other cats. They are one of a kind just like us season, sexy and beautiful women that have seen it all.

2. When you sit in the mirror and instead of counting your wrinkles you say Wow I’m hot bring it on baby and I worked hard for those amazing lines of ageless beauty.

3. When you buy glasses and you decide to live on the wild side and glue bling on the rims. Then you wear them out to lunch with your friends and they all want a pair.

4. When you truly understand the meaning of “frankly Scarlet I don’t give a damn” and it makes you smile as your have just realized that you are now in the secret club of not caring what others think.

5. When you know that you have not slept all night working on the computer or on your web site, blog or texting a friend on the net. Then you realized that you are NOW a snow leopard geek and there is not turning back. But that’s ok because now you understand terms like social media or SEO and now you can have a conversation with your grandchildren and you will understand them.

6. When you stop dying your hair or cutting it short and when people say to you why don’t you die or cut it as it will make you look younger you go back to number 4 on this list frankly Scarlet I don’t give a damn. Grey hair is the new in color and even 20 year olds are dieing their hair grey.

7. When you are practicing your kegels and all you want to do is get on the internet and join a dating site and the young men are looking hot to you and you are looking hot to them. A Snow leopard is ageless and age is a thing of the past and you have vigor to keep up with one of us then you’re doing something right.

8. When your skirt is shorter then when you were 40 and you add high boots to create a look made just for you. After all we are the new 40 and we know fashion as we can mix the 60’s look with look of 2013 and know we look hot. You can’t put us in a little box of fashion as we are not the women of past we are the women of the future.

9. When your dating and all the men are younger then yourself and your ok with it and they can’t keep up with you. We have known the art of flirting for many years and a younger man will not know what has hit him after being with Snow Leopard.

10. When you read 50 shades of Grey and yawn and say done that next!

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