IMG_0880Happiness is a state of mind. Yes, I agree that money does not buy you happiness and the only place you can find that state of happiness is from the inside of your heart, mind and soul. Money can help with the daily stress of paying bills and putting food on your table. I lived in Beverly Hills for 18 years and there were a lot of unhappy people and you could feel their rage.
My happiness comes from being connected in spiritual way with the universe as some will make jokes and say, “Melody is a Woo Woo kind of person”. This a pretty good way of putting it. I live by a few things that I have learned about life and try to live them daily.
30 ways to happiness By Melody Pepaj AKA Grey Hair Lady

1. Be Kind to everyone.
2. Don’t get involved in gossip and hurtful conversations.
3. Listen more and less talking.
4. Take time to heal and never put it all over the internet when your upset or disappointed.
5. Smile and Laugh more.
6. Stay away from people who put out drama.
7. Be grateful everyday for just being alive.
8. Stay in the moment.
9. Take time to be alone and reflect on the positives parts of your life.
10. Never be jealous of others success your day will come if you stay positive.
11 Never judge anyone.
12. Never make fun of anyone that has not consented.
13. Keep your ego in check.
14. Master yourself.
15. Let go of the past.
16. Make amends with other even if you did not cause the problem.
17. Find joy in the little things.
18. Always tell the truth as it is hard to remember the lies of you don’t.
19. Tell the people that you love that you love them.
20. Be gentle to someone that is hurting and give them self time to heal.
21. Not everyone is on your time table stop trying to control everything in life.
22. Meditate and listen to soft gentle music to clear your mind.
23. Think before you speak and never speak in anger.
24. Go to the beach and feel the waves as it heals your soul.
25. Be gentle with your self and love yourself with such kindness.
26. Kiss more and have more sex.
27. Create a safe place where you can heal yourself and be quiet.
28. Stay off the internet and go out side and walk in a park.
29 Be honest about who you are.
30.Be your true authentic and transparent self and really be live it.
Thank you for reading this and Walk in peace, love, joy and the light..

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