Now that the RV has been bought it’s time to fix it up and see what we got inside of my RV that is a 1987 Ford. Lots of work is going to be done on it and lessons learned. We found 3 places where there was water damage but thanks goodness it can be fixed.

Water damage can affect someone’s health and it’s a good thing that we found it so it can be taken care of. The RV was only $2,500 and if I put in a $2,000 it’s worth it. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I did know that the tub had to be replace but did not know that mushrooms were on the floor. Yes, dried mushrooms and I thought can someone smoke these? Not that I would but my next thought If I did would I die? So they went in the trash with so many other things. We took care of it and the new tub will be put in as soon as we are done painting the shower room.

I knew that counter top in the kitchen was going to have to be replace and when we took it off it fell apart. So now I have to think about what color to make the counter top and am I going to keep the stove and burners. Being on a tight budget I deiced not to replace them.

But did not know about the water damage in the top sleeping area. Glad we found it and can fix it at there were two holes one on the side of the RV and the other was a light in the front that has a hole in it. Water coming into the RV is not a good things as it can really make someone sick and we were lucky to find it before there was really bad damage. All and all it’s was a pretty good deal. We have no roof water damage so that’s a good thing.

Just finished putting the second base coat on and now will sand it and put the final two coats of color on the walls and cabinets. We will be adding a few things to the RV like a sleeping bench in the main area and going to paint the outside of the RV it’s self. Looking forward to see how it’s all going to look when it’s done.

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Sponsored By is sponsoring all the repairs and doing all the carpentry work. I’m doing the painting and the grunt work and been working my butt off. The next step is to learn how to drive it. LOL That is going to be the scary part.. Life is good..

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