Yes it has this huge metal trunk in the front. You’re seeing right.

Grey Hair Lady search is over as I have found my RV. It’s not pretty but it has possibilities. It’s a 1986 Ford Econoline 350 with 48,000 miles on it. The price was right and it was big enough to feel like a home but small enough that I could drive it. I think I can drive it and it will be quite a learning curve.

What was interesting about this RV is the previous owner took out the couch and the dinette and saved me the trouble of doing it. This RV has rear bedroom that has two twin beds and he had a queen size mattress over it all. I’m going have just one twin bed and the other side will be office. So I will just jump out of bed and work. Nice but a coarse I will have to make a pot of coffee first.


Yes it’s side way just did not redo the photo.

I have been scoring over the city of Phoenix for weeks looking for the right RV for me. The miles had to be low, the price had to be right and no water damage. I was feeling like I need to give up and was not a happy camper, LOL Happy Camper funny. I felt as if I would never find one to meet my needs as had not a money to work with.



My daugh12647181_10207374371509956_8498598143431908945_nter called me on Sunday and I was very frustrated and she said why don’t you take off a few days and go to Sedona? She booked me two nights in Sedona and I was off on an adventurer. The first day it was cold b ut sunny and went to Airport Rock and climbed up to the top. The view was amazing and very peaceful and just what the doctor order. On my way back to the hotel I noticed a place that had karaoke that night and I could kill two bird with one stone. Dinner and karaoke was my cup of tea. So I went out and had a great dinner and sang a few songs and met new friends.

download download (1) 12669567_10207374375430054_6099064019911549279_n 12662626_10207374376670085_8265811419317918076_nAfter sleeping in the next day I woke up to a day of snowing. I could not see the mountains from my window and everything was white and wet. Growing up in Michigan snow was the last thing I wanted to see. At lunch time I walked over to a restaurant not far from my hotel and froze my butt off. I was not going to climb a mountain or so window shopping in this weather so read and watched the news all day. At night I went back to the karaoke bar as they were having a music jam and eat dinner and listened to some music and a few of the people I meet the night before came and danced and hung-out.

Life was good as the next day was sunny and time to drive back to Phoenix I was going to take a different route back home through Cottonwood and Jerome and see the sights. Driving though Cottonwood I drove past an RV and deiced to stop and take a look at it. The outside looked great and I was to short to see the inside so I called the number on the For Sale Sign. The price was right and the mileage was low so I waited for David the man that was selling it to drive over. He was a nice man that was a Vietnam Vet with kind blue eyes.

IMG_2211He told me what was wrong with the RV and that he had lived in it for over 2 years. We talked and looked around the RV and he took off $500 from what he wanted for the RV. I gave him a $100 deposit and said I would come back the next day to drive it down from the mountain back to Phoenix.

The next day I bought the RV and went to get tags and the title up in Cottonwood with David. I was shocked that it cost me $58.00 for title and my tag that would last till 2020. This was unheard of in Los Angeles and it did not need a smog test.

So there you have it I am now an owner of an RV that will take me on next my journey. I’m going to do some renovation on the RV and learn how to drive it so stay tune for my next posting. The Grey Hair Lady is about to become a full time nomad. It’s very exciting but scary at the same time.

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