raw egg whites just cracked into a glass bowl waiting to be whisked

raw egg whites just cracked into a glass bowl waiting to be whisked

8 tips of beauty for woman over 50.

1. Egg whites on a clean face is amazing. I put the egg white in a little container get a brush about the width of two fingers and a wet wash cloth. I lay down on the bed with a pillow under my neck and paint the egg whites on my face using upward strokes. You can feel the face pulling up as it dries. Then when it is fully dried I take the wet wash cloth and place it on my face and slowly dab my face removing the egg white. After my face is firmer and my pores are smaller and it makes my make up go on easier and smoother.

2. Wear fashion glasses without glasses in them when your eyes are a little puffy. It’s amazing on how bright you look. I wear black rim one’s with black rhinestones all over the rims. I think it makes me look ten years older.

3. Yes, when you’re eyes are little to puffy I do go to sleep with preparation H on my puffy bags. I use the gel not the oily stinky kind and I’m very careful not get it any where near my eyes. I use it just above the cheeks where my puffiness starts. There is not data to support that this works but I can say it does work on me. Just be careful not to get it to close to the eyes. http://www.preparationh.com/products/cooling-gel

4. If your hair is thinning what I do is get waterproof powered eye make up that is close to my hair color and dab the power onto my scalp with a brush. Amazing how full it makes my hair look. I have been doing this for years when I started to notice around 50 that my hair was thinning in the front. You can also buy Joan Rivers great hair day compact at http://www.joanriversgreathairday.com/

5. I was given a sample of Peter Thomas Roth Instant firm and when I put it on my face and let it dry my face seemed to life up and I looked younger. This produce is amazing and I use it for special occasions under my make up. http://www.peterthomasroth.com/p-193-instant-firmx.aspx

6. If you use a darker power just under your chin and your jaw line it will help to make your face look younger and firmer. I even use it on the sides of my noise to make it a little more narrow. Make sure that the power is just a shade or two darker so you cant tell it’s been put there to accent your beautiful face.

7. Line your lips with a pencil a little darker then your lipstick and make sure its waterproof as it will help to stop any of your lipstick from bleeding like at the corners of your mouth. Then use long wearing lipstick inside the line and your lips will look youthful all night long.

8. While letting my hair grow out to my natural grey hair it looked very two tone and funny to me. The top was a white grey and he bottom was blonde. I bought a shampoo for grey hair and put it on my ends and put a plastic bag around my hair. I waited for 30 minutes and after the blonde was a ash color that matched my grey. It was like putting a toner on my ends. I shampoo my hair 3 times a week with the shampoo for grey hair so my hair won’t get that blue lady hair that many end up with. I like Clairol Shimmering Lights Shampoo. http://www.clairolpro.com/professional-hair-products/shimmer-lights

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